Comprehensive Services

As LSDs are multi-systemic and complex diseases, the UF LSD program is committed to offering the best medical experts in the field, pursuing the excellence in health care and quality of life for LSD patients and their families.

All the specific treatments described on the LSD Treatment page are available at UF LSD Program, which also has opportunities for patients to enroll in several ongoing clinical trials on different ERT and small molecule agents. The comprehensive and integrative services available at UF Lysosomal Storage Disease Program includes:

  • Consultation and clinical evaluation
  • Diagnostic testing and counseling
  • Interactions with referring physicians involved in patients primary health-care
  • Coordination of Multi-disciplinary Management
  • Infusion of Centers for Enzyme Replacement Therapy
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy
  • Monitoring of treatment clinical and biochemical response
  • Surveillance of LSD-related complications
  • Patient education
  • Opportunities for participation in translational and clinical trials
  • Multidisciplinary Experts involved in Management